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Next Stop Coimbra: A Musical City in the Heart Of Portugal

Black capes and uniforms on the college students. More steep, winding and narrow streets with surprises around every corner. River views and an interesting twist on the art of fado: usually sung by women, the ‘Portuguese blues’ here is sung by (often love-struck) young men. Groups of musicians and singers at every turn; beautiful music was everywhere.

Sintra, Portugal

Gorgeous mountain top castles – fairy tale and ruined – winding roads, horse-drawn carriages, a feast on the beach. Yes, I know. We had it rough.

It is no wonder Sintra for centuries has been a favored choice of warriors (the Moors), monks (as a monastery) and nobles (a succession of Portuguese and German royalty).


Lisbon, Portugal: A Video View

A follow-up to the Portugal post, this is a series of short videos that take you around Lisbon and let you feel the powerful draw of this ancient city.

An Affair To Remember

As a writer I kind of hate to say it: Sometimes it’s all about what the pictures tell you (‘worth a thousand words’ and all that). In this case I found it was difficult if not impossible to describe this experience in a way that was satisfying. Yet, when I put this video together, simply pictures and music, it felt perfect. What do you think?

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