Porto: City of Bridges

A magnificent city in northern Portugal; glorious yet down-to-earth. Like floating through an ancient dream riven by yesterday and today. A place where J.K. Rowling wrote chapters of the first Harry Potter novel, spent time in and was inspired by the beautiful Livraria Lello bookstore, and it’s easy to see how she was inspired by the magic of the city.

If you dare to ride on one of the many garishly painted double-decked tourist buses (how they manage to drive on some of the narrow and winding streets is magic in itself), you’ll find you have the best vantage point, as you will see, to view the city of Porto from on high.

And while on the bus, listening on the headphones while the history of the city and its landmarks pass you by, you will no doubt begin to imagine that your narrator is none other than Dame Judy Dench herself. For some reason, this voice acting job is not on her resume (!).

Music by the wildly talented group, Calexico. Title track from their album, “Algiers.”

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