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Let’s Get Lost (Again)

We know where we want to go. We just don’t know how to get there. Which is always half the fun.


We love our friends, George and Nirava; he the skillful driver; she the marvelous gourmet chef. They are spoiling us with great food, wine, and excellent company. The weather here in the fading weeks of September continues to be a succulent feast of its own: Warm, soft days and with the kind of sunlight that beckons painters, poets, and professional lollygaggers such as myself to come out and play.


Estoril Sunset

Two bookend videos; sunrise and sunset. I couldn’t help myself, the place is too beautiful and I can’t leave it alone. Can you blame me?

Estoril Sunrise

Up early to walk the boy and catch as much of this magnificent Portuguese morning as we can. Can you smell the ocean?

Fast Walk to a Slow Lunch

The weather: perfect. The company: exquisite. The hour: lunch. The music: killer . What’s not to love on this spectacular September afternoon? Shall we go for a stroll? I say Yes!



Train and Garden

Two posts in two days?? I know, I can’t believe it, either. But life here is so lovely, ever-changing and full of unexpectedly pleasant surprises; I feel energized to try and capture a bit of it as we continue our adventure in Portugal.

Escape to Alcatruz

A week after arriving, I finally caught my breath from the relentlessly beautiful place we’ve moved to and picked up the camera. Things are different yet familiar here…in the most intriguing ways.

Oh, I’m sorry, did I forget to mention that Virginia, Wyatt and myself are now living in Portugal? This world, she is so full of surprises, oui? Enjoy; more to come!

Music by the incomparable Portuguese duo, Dead Combo: “Waiting for Nick at Rick’s CafĂ©.”


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