Two Plays Opening in New York!

I’m proud (and very humbled) to announce that two of my plays will be performed this very week in New York.

The first is part of the 9th Annual Northport One-Act Play Festival held on Long Island.

InkedNorthport Plays 2018 Festival 8.5X11 FLYER FINAL_LI

Pamela Harris had a Near Death Experience and has applied to be part of a study to explore what happened. Dr. Edwina “Edie” Richter is a clinical researcher who conducts a series of questions to quantify and categorize the events Pamela experienced. A problem arises when Pamela reveals that she has an hidden agenda for taking the survey. What she doesn’t know is that Dr. Richter has her own agenda and that both will unleash unintended consequences that will forever change Pamela’s life.”

Judge nothing until the end. — St. Augustine


The second play happens just four days later.

It is a staged reading of my full length play, THE WISE WOMEN. It’s being put on by the up-and-coming powerhouse The Theater Collective, a group of extraordinarily talented women you are going hear a lot more of in the days to come.

On April 19, 7:30 p.m. If you are anywhere near Manhattan, check it out:

Alchemical Studios (fabulous performance spaces)
104 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011
Get (cheap!) Tickets and View Map Here

https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_42940700_243720917110_1_original.jpg

“Three days before New Year’s Eve, Lin (Starhawk) Wise makes a surprise visit to her daughter (Billy Wise) and granddaughter (Omie Wise) in New York City after not seeing them for years. She’s there on a mission that throws everyone into a state of chaos – as is her way.

Omie Wise, a talented young singer, might get to experience a once in a life-time event: to sing in a small club where Beyonce is scheduled to stop by. It all depends on her new ‘business manager’ – if he can pull it off and…if she can keep a secret until after the performance.

Her mother, Billy Wise, has been floating along in disappointment about her life and musical career for so long that she’s in denial of a burgeoning dependency on prescription pain pills.

Three generations of women who have struggled with the personal cost required to have a life in the arts. The Wise women know all the stories, know how to push all the buttons, but still have secrets that make every revelation have dire consequences for each other.

Question is: Will they do things the way they always have, or will they find a way to rise above the scars of their pasts?”


About ragingtraveler

Hello there! Welcome to this crazy little blog of mine. The title is a reference to the famous Dylan Thomas poem, "Do not go gentle into that good night" (but rage against the dying of the light, etc. -- I drank a shot of Jameson's whisky in his honor at the White Horse pub in New York City a while back, a place where it is said he drank 18 shots of Jameson and died that night at 39; but that's another story.) And as Thomas declares in the poem, and if you are anything like me, you will not give up. You will not fade away. You will not go gentle into that good night. You will rage against the dying of of the light. You want to explore everything this life has to offer before we are dragged off, kicking and screaming, to that next Great Adventure. So let's see what this adventure is all about, shall we? Hey, along with my wife Virginia and our faithful dog, Wyatt Earp Clark (don't ask; it is supposed to be 'ironic'), we just moved to Portugal! For a year. Call it a gap year for geezers; an experiment in grey; an are-you-crazy-or-what-senior-meltdown -- call it whatever you like, but this is our way of stepping out of our comfort zone, not settling in for life's last stand. Call it brave or foolish (or a little of both), we are committed to taking a peek around every corner we can. While we still can. Care to join us? Welcome aboard, matey! View all posts by ragingtraveler

4 responses to “Two Plays Opening in New York!

  • Gpberns

    Hi Nelson, this is so great! Greyson and now Wise Women, perfect for our time. You’re on the beam. Wishing you luck. Break a leg! Hi to Virginia.

    From my end, things are more in limbo than before. But still in play. When knows.

    A few days before I wrote you back last time, my car was totaled on the 215 fwy right in Riverside. A semi-truck hit me from behind, no warning, like a roadside bomb went off. A miracle the 2004 Civic held the road in heavy traffic and I was able to get off in one piece. No spin out and a hit and run. So from the grace of God I’m writing back again. Little out of it last time. I’ve been going to a Chiropractor and she’s getting me realigned.

    Life is good. Keep it rollin’. Gerry

    Sent from my iPhone


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    • ragingtraveler

      Hey Gerry! So sorry to hear that. How crazy and random is that episode, but thanks be that you are okay (with a little help from your chiropractor).

      Yes, I am thrilled about the plays, for many reasons. The three lead characters in The Wise Women are based (generally) on my ex-wife, my daughter, Layla, and my granddaughter Aisha, all of whom you met in LA some years back (I have pictures!). But these women inhabit an alternate universe from the real ladies. And Aisha is going to see both shows, which is an extra dose of pride.

      In any event, things are good here. Stay safe my friend! Nelson


  • Lisa Bardack

    Hey there, Raging Traveler. Portugal is on fire and this is the only way to reach you. Are you safe? The world is on fire! Oy…

    Hoping all is well with you.


    • Nelson Clark

      Hey Lisa!

      We’re fine here, no worries, no fires, just a cool breeze, more like a blustery wind that I love, blowing through the plane trees below us.

      We’re aware of the fires raging, literally and figuratively, around the world but at the moment choose to let them burn without us. Such is the peaceful and satisfying life we have made here. Not that things could change in a heartbeat, but we’ve decided to just live on in wonder and gratitude and not wait for the other shoe to drop.

      Hope you and your loved ones are fine and dandy on this late summer cycle. Don’t let any fires, in the head or the heart, keep you from your destiny with happiness. You deserve it.

      You can always reach me here or at

      Cheers, dear!



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